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plainly put...sex
john and emily did the nasty!
by christina November 11, 2003
sexual intercourse; when a man gets horny and thusly he and his women strip and hump their pelvis's together till they yell with happiness; fucking
Leonard did the nasty last night with Molly.
by natalie January 11, 2005
Having sex; making out
Maricela: Yo Hector let's go to my house and do the nasties!
Hector: Alright let's go before your parents get home!
by LiL AnT January 29, 2006
The act of thrusting "Domino's Meatlovers Pizza" into a human vagina. Usually resulting in pizza remnants in said vagina, thus leading to maggot infestation of vaginal canal and surrounding genetilia.
Ben did you fuck Nikki last night?
No I did the nasty instead.
by Sailboatsmeller69 August 08, 2011