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To pull off a mother goose you’ll need two people. One on there knees and one standing naked with there sphincter hovering over the first partners open mouth. The person standing inserts a hard boiled egg, with or without the shell depending on your threshold for pain, into there anus completely. The person on there knees spits on the asshole when he/she is ready then the standing partner slowly poops the dirty egg into the lovers mouth.
WILLY-hey how did it go with that girl last night
ME-it went really good, I took her home we got in bed and she asked me to tell her a nursery ryhme. So I gave her the mother goose
WILLY- Oh you mean you told her like an old childrens fairy tale or something?
ME- No I shouved a hard boiled egg up my ass and pooped it on her face
by Tenacial August 21, 2007