it also means to miserably fail at something.
the kicker really masseyed that field goal kick.
by JoMamaBitch August 05, 2004
Top Definition
the massey is a solitary critter. he can be found in damp and moldy basements, under lumber piles, and occaisionally in the restrooms of some mexican restaurants. he has been known to consume veggie pizzas, dog food, and, in rare sightings, kittens. the massey is believed to be a distant cousin of both the sloth and the mexican jumping bean. if you see the massey, do not approach it, for the massey is best viewed from afar. the massey also randomly explodes into fits of rage therefore it is imperative for massey-watchers to keep their distance. the massey is often confused with surly elderly, bed-ridden males of the homo sapien species.
Did you see the massey feasting on those kittens?

Yeah, he sneaks up on them easily because he camoflagues himself as a pile of sweatpants and velcro shoes.
by Robbie May 05, 2004
Where one would shit in a condom, freeze it overnight and then use it anally as a dildo. *Optional*, after using it, one would make a small piercing in the top and drink it like a yogurt.
Person 1: I did The Massey this morning.

Person2: Dont speak to me again, ever!
by Jimmy Appleyard December 06, 2012
The massey ain't done no work since sophomore year, that lazyass. Someone should cut him.
by Jeffrey April 30, 2004
Ok Kiddies, for this excercise, let's use "dan" as an example, shall we? As previously stated, not in so many words, "dan" is a basement dwelling, mutated, socially unacceptable troll. "dan" feeds on the slime that lines the sewer system. "dan" enjoys the company of dead people & shaven cats. "dan" doesn't like the hair, as it gets caught between the only 2 teeth he has. Massey's usually live in friend's basements, as they are so physically unappealing & foul smelling, they don't have the capability to keep a job.
"dan the massey" smells like some homeless dirty person's asshole on a hot summer day, after they had diarrhea.
by JizzleMyNizzle August 05, 2004
See definition for metrosexual/homo.
Cam Massey is a metrosexual. The massey will never admit it though.
by huhnerficker November 15, 2004
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