A voyeur who has nothing better to do than cause wars and punish free thinkers.
You better be close-minded, or the man upstairs will deal with you.
by Dusted September 09, 2006
Top Definition
The Man Upstairs better known as God
I believe the man upstairs is watching over me
by RavenousPlant April 13, 2006
a judgmental guy who watches everything I do, can hear everything I say and if I don't give him ten percent of my paycheck every month he'll kick me out.
Tim: Sally I can't have sex with you it will upset the man upstairs.
Sally: wow, Tim I didn't know you were so religious.
Tim: I'm not, I just mean that My landlord Frank is really old fashioned and he might not let me renew my lease.
by Colte the Pirate January 10, 2007
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