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preferably performed on a snowy hill, it is the act of pouring warm molasses on your weenjaunt and covering the rest of your body in chocolate sauce. proceed to take your partner by the legs and slide them down the snowy hill while yelling some sort of vicious profanity. when the perfect speed is reached, slam your steaming hot meat into your partner's cavern of glee until desired result is achieved. Repeat until complete sastisfication occurs. while this posish is extremely rare, some of the greatest sex offenders of all time have performed it with ease, such as pete the poontang thief.
me and mikes mom did the lubricated penguin dive last night like it ain't no thang

Dude your mom is such a lubricated penguin diver

Zach is the craziest penguin diver man. I saw that dude do it off a fuckin cliff.

Sometimes you just gotta give 'er the old lubricated penguin dive son.
by hot kharl November 26, 2005
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