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Once a beautiful area to live, that's rich in history, with places like Bethlehem Steel to its name.

HOWEVER, a place that is being infested with inconsiderate people from new york and new jersey... yuppies and wanna-be yuppies, who think that their crap doesn't stink. Infested with people who critisize and mock the NATIVES of this area.... calling us hicks and saying we live in a time-warp. This is the TRUTH: The natives of the Lehigh Valley have roots in this area that go back generations. If you don't understand or appreciate the people that were here FIRST, just keep your mouth shut. If you can't keep your mouth shut, move back to NY or NJ. Oh, but that's right... you moved here because of cheaper houses, since you couldn't make it back where you came from.

As for the NYers/ NJers that don't mock the beautiful Lehigh Valley... we love you.
the lehigh valley, I love you.
by Laur:)! March 09, 2010
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