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>80's style hair (including bandana usually)
>scarf usually around the neck once
>zip up hoody tied up in a knot in the botton
>left sleeve of hoody rolled up on the inside
>left glove rolled up on the outside
>t-shirt tucked into boxers and boxers pulled up to stomach
>trousers pulled down extremely low
> studded belt
>colourfulll socks
>right trouser leg tucked into socks
>left trouser leg rolled up on the outside
> go round shouting "rrrraaaaaaaaaaa" and singing i wanna rock (by twisted sister)
>causing trouble whereever we can
> starting on each other outside the precinct
>completely surviving on stolen items (eg having a shave in macy d's
> listening to techno remixes and old tv shows
>speaking with a black chav accent

luvums smeg and smudge
smeg and smudge are the last emos
by SMEGGYPOO December 01, 2005

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