Year Ten Kings think pretty highly of themselves. It’s rather sad really as they are quite easily the lowest of all the low animals on Earth. They’re lower than the shit caked onto the side of the bowl in public toilets.
They think they’re so hot but in reality, we are almost definitely certain that their mum’s had to tie steaks around their necks just to get the dogs to play with them.. No wonder they sent them to an all boys’ school. All of you together could be the poster children for Birth Control. You all look like you got caught in a terrible fire and put each others’ faces out with forks. The last time I saw something that looked like you, I pinned a tail on it.
The motto for one group in particular is “Reduce Reuse Recycle” in light of the amount of girls they go through.
They say Tara Year 10 are lame for "drinking to fit in" but let’s cast our minds back and remind ourselves why boys have recently been suspended. Funny, isn’t it?
Monobrow Steph M? You’ve scored the gold with your big noses and egos, what a shame you weren't blessed like that in other areas that count. Don’t worry though, some people think size doesn’t matter… a very small few but none-theless…

Now these boys think girls go to watch soccer to perve on them. Let us assure you, this is definitely NOT the case. Lets’ count the number of Tara girls at Year 10 soccer games and the number of girls at the firsts game. See, experi-ence matters, boys!

You act as if you hate us Tara girls so much but in reality, wouldn’t you use your muscles you brag on about, pick up your school and move away from us?

Really boys, you’ve been beaten by girls.. We’d be ashamed if we were half as retarded as you.
And the funniest thing is if we consist of a “Man Clan” it’s because we’re twice as manly as you’ll ever be and still twice the woman that you’ll ever have.
The Kings school Boy 1: Oi so how many Year Ten Tara girls in the same group have you gone out with???

The Kings school Boy 2 (not naming ppl “charloie”): The same amount as the number of guys that have come out of the closet at this school.

Kings Boy 1: Oh! That many?!
by abdiuehadjfhadhf August 04, 2006
Top Definition
A boarding school founded in 1831, a school which hardens the soul, body and mind.
Situated in North Parramatta next to Tara Anglican school, Kings makes a good example of itself in sports and...more sports, mostly rugby,rowing and some more rugby.
With the FRAT system abolished around 2000-01, the arrogance level has shot through the roof, however peace has settled within the school.
There are different kinds of King'smen and they all are assigned 'Houses', each house is generally for different people.
Macarthur's aggies,
Kurrle's couldntcareless attitude,
Burkitts intellectual powers,
Whickhams ohsofrail residency,
Macquarie's striving for sports,
Bishop-Barkers authority,
Waddy's potheads,
Dalmas's lazy'ness
then theres the other houses such as Hake and Broughton, they are there for the ride.

Dr Timothy Hawkes AKA "Big-Tim" is the headmaster for the school at the moment, author of the 4 Learning and Leadership books which consist of 5 different questions.

Some of the language and popular phrases include:
- Rant
- Roidhouse!
- Trust meee
- Blackone pronounced "Bleckone" (?)
- Nutting!
- Dont get hard..
- Psyche! pronounced "Sike!"

Anything else is just quoted off of something funny they find off a Youtube video, example. "IM BEACHED IS!"

The Kingsmens natural enemy is St. Josephs high school,but in some instances Kings and St Josephs have worked together to defeat Shore school, cus they suck.
Famous instances are ones such as the "Doughnut Riots" on the 175'th Birthday of the Kings School, where the lunch ladies were swarmed by crowds of boys (hungering for a simple chocolate frosted doughnuts), forced to hide under tables and if possible, try to get through the mass of blundering idiots. The school never saw Doughnuts ever again,
one may wonder where all 400 large doughnuts ended up..

The staff available at kings are quite exquisite and vary from person to person,
from the smokin hot english department to the charms and wits of the deputy head.

The Kings School is the place to be.

boy1: What school do you go to mate?
boy2: The King's School' mate,
boy2: Yourself?
boy1: oh, Shore school,
boy2: RANT!
by Chicken in a wheelbarrow September 17, 2008
TKS is the oldest independent school in Australia for boys (or girls)and strives for academic excellence (failing)leadership and learning and realising potential, if there was any. Unlike Tara Anglican School For Girls (refer to search) Year 10 Kings 2006 are struggling to reach puberty and are definately the least sexiest year. Their year motto is "Keep your soap rope tight and your pants even tighter."
We at Tara are ashamed to be called their sister school, we were never expecting to get actual sisters.
The Kings school student: oi you!
Non Kings student: Hey the guy thats planning to grow pubes next year is calling you
by Arkrider July 26, 2006
Noun: Western Sydney's premier boys Public School
Oh Stevo that would be The Kings School
by Lumpboy January 12, 2011
Founded some time in the past, the original students are now teaching at the school. Certain teachers are ancient and are at risk of dying suddenly when approached with a question concerning the headmaster's unwanted books on leadership.
Certain Boys in Year 10 2007 should be exterminated, the names of which will not be released in this.. blog?

Unless of course your name happens to be
-Thomas or

There are now THREE students remaining in the year who have not been named, and their privacy will be repected.

We at your sister school have a short message for all of you:

No matter how much we despise the discos we have with you,
no matter how boring it is that you all come dressed the same,
and no matter how much it annoys us that you never take into consideration HOW MUCH TIME it takes to get us to look that slutty,

we will continue attending your boring discos, simply because we have no other social gatherings to attend, or because our Year Co-Ordinator is an absolute LEGEND and deserves a medal, and he puts a lot of work into organising these discos, so we go just to make him happy.

We love you ERNIE!!

that is all.
Dam, there are very few boys at The Kings School worth going to those boring discos for!

There is one single Tara Girl Who has an unspoken obsession for the boys at The Kings School, and she lives near the beach...

The Kings School consists of gorilla like creatures, most of whom are named Michael, Christopher, Lachlan, James, Thomas or Daniel.

by OMGLIKEWTFSHUTUP January 08, 2007
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