When something fantastic happens that will enable for more good things to happen in the future

As seen in the song "The Jump Off" by Plastic Little
A 40 and and a blunt... that's the jump off
Shawty had a gun and a block 'bout to rob the chinese shop, while she's suckin' my cock... now that's a two part jump off
by limelight August 25, 2006
Top Definition
adj. the best, the shiznit, it gets no better than this, the pinnacle
I love my new computer. Its the jump off!
by southerndethcult July 09, 2003
Anything that is good or going on at the time of reference.
Yo, what's the jump off? My name's Paul


Yo, tonight the jump off is the Wu-Tang concert
by CaptainChronic August 24, 2009
The side chick
Puffy is dissing Kim tonight so he can be with his jump off

I can't wait to be the jump off of Brett Michaels

Tiger is my jump off bitch
by Dawn Ardi December 31, 2009
a woman who will have sex and perform sexual acts with any man and his friends
"Shorty let me, my man, and my man's man hit it! She's the jumpoff!!!"
by S G August 09, 2006
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