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when youre getting a blow job, you blow your load in the bitches eyes and yell "you can't see me!"
josh cube: yo bro, i gave that bitch a wicked the john cena
chavo guerrero: yea, but she was total emobese.. and four
by Shit-face June 29, 2008
When you fuck your bitch into the poohole, you aks her :"who's the champ ?" Then she'll probably answer: "You are !"
Then you just turn her around slap her with your cock in the face and scream: "No! Its John Cena!" Start humming the melody and smack her to the ground with your dick.
Yo ma bich who's the Boss ?


*smack with cock*
No JOHN CENA is !!!!

*start humming the John cena melody*
*smack with cock to the ground*

Now you've succesfully performed the John Cena move.
via giphy
by Mr. Avocado January 12, 2016
When having sex with a woman, you pull out and stick it in her ass, hook her ankle and pull it up to her waist, then chokehold her while shouting "SUBMIT!" while she screams.

(If she taps out you then run around the room making crowd noises and imitating John Cena's theme song)

I'm so sorry John Cena.
I know I'm going to hell.
I gave her the John Cena Signature STFU!
by Johnny Blaze -v- January 20, 2016
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