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a sexual act that requires the women to run completely nude at a medium to slow pace, while the man chases her with his testicles out. She then flattens on the ground while you roll your balls over her. No one receives pleasure, but everyone has a good laugh and a story.
Dude what did you and amber do yesterday night? Well for example we did the indiana jones, but her ankle broke and she fell. I still rolled my balls across her back.
#positions #sex #indiana #jones #funny
by Michael Jatcko August 07, 2007
When the male keeps a large dildo under the sheets during intercourse and while his penis is in the woman's vagina, he swaps the two without her noticing.
Yo dude, I pulled off The Indiana Jones last night. She didn't even notice but she screamed a little louder.
#dildo #sex #indian jones #switcheroo #huge
by Mike Irish July 10, 2008
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