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the hoover is performed by mounting your partner from behind
and kicking out her arms while lifting her legs. Proceed to push her
around the floor like a vacuum cleaner.
I pushed that bitch with the hoover last night.
by Bud E Love May 02, 2003
54 17
While engaging in sexual intercourse, "doggy-style," in a striking motion the man hits the pits of each of his partner's elbows causing him/her to faceplant into the floor. At which point he pushes forward, while still engaged, in the manner of pushing a vacuum cleaner.
Rather than picking up the weeks worth of crumbed chips off his living room floor, Andrew decided to multi-task and gave his girlfriend the Hoover.
by Zach & Ryder January 21, 2006
30 7
When a female gives oral and begins to deepthroat but she stops midway to slap her tongue against the penis and makes a loud suction noise like a vacuum cleaner
Guy: man i got the Hoover last night
Friend: damn man that sounds nice how was it
Guy: loud
by becky j March 16, 2014
0 0
While in a doogy style position, the male grabs the arms of the female, and proceeds to walk her around the floor. It is a cleaning position. You clean your floor and have fun doing it.
Person 1-"Hey bill your floor looks really clean. Did you actually clean?"
Person 2-"Nah bro. I turned victoria into the hoover last night. She was pissed!"
by madlaxind7 March 06, 2008
5 7
The act of blowing one's load in or around a girls ass, and then sucking it out. It's optional to spit it on her face. The term comes from the similarity to the action of a vacuum cleaner.
We knew Alex's last name was Hoover, but we didn't know he enjoyed performing The Hoover so much.
by spodumene November 29, 2006
6 21
hehluh's dance!!!
Doing the hoover does not mean screwing the vacuum cleaner!
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
10 30
A forbidden dance that is done only on the dance floor by a one Hoover.
by Anonymous August 06, 2003
6 32