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putting ur erect penis between a persons bum cheeks and then wanking yourself off, eventually spunking on their back
ben did the hawkins on her last night
by tom aka pokemon king November 06, 2007
having a wank while in the process of pissing
omg i walked in on billy doing the hawkins while on the toilet last night!
by jesus-fucking-christ August 14, 2010
The process of easing the concerns of what used to be the hottest girl in high school while she is overweight and vulnerable by offering to have sexual intercourse with her. While engaging in sexual activity from the doggy style position, grab 3 to 4 BK Chicken Fries™ and insert them into her anus. Her cries may sound painful, but secretly that fat fuck loves the validation you're giving her. Finish on her forehead and then slip into the night never to be seen again and then post the pictures on Social Media.
I've been feeling a little self conscious lately and I guess Blake noticed because he totally pulled the Hawkins on me!
by FriendofBlake March 27, 2015
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