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The most complicated and difficult sex maneuver known to mankind. It involves doing a girl from behind while facing a window while one's friend with similar make and model of penis is positioned with in a closet or other hiding place somewhere in the room. In one split second the first man pulls out while the friend jumps in and continues to doggy style the girl without her noticing. The first man then goes outside and waves at the girl while she thinks he is still doing her from behind. For extra points do it on a the third floor or higher of a building, though this requires repelling equipment or a jet pack.
Dude, you can't believe it, but I actually pulled off the great Houdini last night, granted I got slapped, but I am only the third man in all of history to have ever done it.
by dirpdirpdirp August 17, 2009
when you are having sex in doggy style and you leave to go "wash your face" and your friend comes in the room and fucks her without her knowing, and you go knock on the window, or, when you are having sex in doggy style and when you are about to cum, you pull out, spit on her back and when she turns around, you skeet in her eye!
i surprised my girl with the great houdini and she got pissed, but now we look back on it and fucking laugh!!
by mazeone November 02, 2008
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