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the good ol' twenty eight starts out like any good night, with your forefinger in a bitches cootch. as you slowly caress, she begins to loosen up and moan. soon after that you add your middle finger to the party, namely to increase the pleasure. at this point she is in heaven. here is where you throw the curveball, the pinky in the stinky. needless to say she is shocked but so overcome by passion she lets it slide, dare i say begins to enjoi? you continue as mentioned for a little while longer as your woman learns to love this twist of events. but you are not done my friend, oh not even close. as she begins to once again fall back into ectasy you slide your ring finger into the back door as well. she doesnt complain. you continue and even venture the thumb for a little romp on the brown side. she absolutely loves it. when your woman is writhing in pleasure you know its time for the good ol' twenty eight. right as she begins to climax, you slam your other fist squarely into her anus, while screaming at the top of your lungs "the good ol' twenty eight baby!!" as you can see there are two in the pink and eight in the stink. the good ol' twenty eight has been around for ages and is enjoyed by many, needless to say, there is always high fives all around
it was common practice for the ancient mayans to give their wives the good ol' twenty eight before a hunt, the blood on their hands and the high fives all around pleased the spirits greatly.
by Arex November 10, 2006

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