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Gay bar in Dublin
-Are you going to Fibbers on Saturday?
*No, I'm going to the George.
-Hmm, didn't know you were gay
*The George is deadly.
-Hmm, Deadish
by Rob_oudkerk January 28, 2004
Named after probably the world's best soccer player of all time, George Best. 'The George' is therefore another term for 'The best' and can be substituted as such.
Really not feeling The George today mate.

That girl last night was The George.

All these cakes look so good, but I'll have to save The George until last.

They are The (absolute) George tits I've ever felt.
by Marek7 January 30, 2011
one who doesnt quite fulfill his military career
any form of less than honorable discharge
by the troops August 18, 2003
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