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the fuck game is the most fun you can have in a class is a game for 2 people only any more than this and competition gets too person says fuck the next person must say it louder then the first person says it louder than the second person it continues like this untill one of you gets caught or one of you gives up
the end of the game is signalled by large amounts of laughter caused by detentions to one student
james: lets play the fuck game
cava:ok you start
teacher: CAVA detention
#the fuck game #the game of fuck #fuck game #game of the fuck #the fucking fuck game
by metal lord November 18, 2005
Game played by a small groups of immature and bored girls ages 13-16 in quiet places such as the classroom or local library. It is not surprisingly very entertaining and laughable to them and infuriates others. Game is often accompanied but constant giggling and saying "omg you chicken say it louder.."
Girl #3: I'm so bored. You wanna play The Fuck game?
Girl #2: Alright but im no going first though.
Girl #1: *whispers* fuck
Girl #2: *whispers louder* fuck
Girl #3: fuck
Girl #1: FAAHHH-k
Girl #2: FUck
Girl #3: FUCK
Girl #1: FUCKK!!

Then they get told off by the teacher or by the librarian, to their secret pleasure.
#rude #fuck #game #girl #teeny boppers #funny #retarded #annoying
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