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The art of inadvertantly diverting from one's original plan to random/spontaneous activities and behavior.

Abbreviation: TFA
JH: Where the hell did you go?

Girls: Our intent was to go to the grocery store, but along the way we stopped at a flee market, then followed a sign to a garage sale, then stopped on the side of the road to look at puppies for sale. When we finally arrived at the grocery store it was closed.

JH: But you left four hours ago?! You must have had the fuck arounds!
by legendarymojito November 14, 2010
There are times when you are at work or at school and you feel like doing nothing more than just fucking around. this is when you know that you have a severe case of The Fuckarounds.
Dude1: Bro, what is wrong with you, you haven't done really anything all day??

Dude2: I don't know what to tell you except that I have a severe case of the Fuckarounds.

Dude1: Enough said, bro, take your time.
by Derpy the Clown1393 September 07, 2014

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