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four functions regulated by the hypothalamus:
"The hypothalamus plays a major role in the regulation of basic drives related to survival, including the so-called "four F's":fighting, fleeing, feeding, and mating."
--Wayne Weiten's textbook Psychology: Themes and Variations

How are fighting, fleeing, feeding, and mating the four F's? ...wait...ohhhh...
by AP Psychology Student February 12, 2008
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Key words used during the Superbowl Seasons: Friends, family, food, and football.
"Got the the four F's?
"No man, there's no girls to hit on."
"What are you talking about? I meant friends, family, foods, and football! Tomorrow is the Superbowl!"
by ladykiller2013 February 03, 2013
1. French
2. Feel
3. Finger
4. Fuck
-french as in french kissing
-feel as in like grabbing eachother in a sexual way (2nd base)
-finger as in fingering another person, "touching the other persons goodies"
-Fuck as in well... you know. INTERCOURSE
tom-which f didja get to?
pete-F?? what?
tom-you knoww, the four f's!
pete--oh yeah dayum i forgot! um, yeah we didnt.
The Four F's are like rules about dateing females, which were invented by the White Man, cause were smarter then the rest. The Four F's are as follows:
Find Em'
Feel Em'
Fuck Em'
Forget Em'
Tommy: "Yo Jimmy, have you heard of The Four F's?"
Jimmy: "Nah man, what are The Four F's?"
Tommy: "It's the code the White Man lives by, The Four F's are:
Find Em'
Feel Em'
Fuck Em'
Forget Em'"
Jimmy: "Isn't that a little rude to do to a girl?"
Tommy: "Nigga-Please."
Jimmy: "Ahh cool Tommy, that advice should be helpful, Nigga-Thankyou."
by Adownbluewhiteguy July 30, 2006

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