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seems to think freedom of speach is a licence to write whatever old nonsense he or she likes, yet doesnt grant this luxury to anyone who dares disagree with them. Harbours some pretty abhorrent views on minorities, but usually stops short of actually admiting their true feelings. Gets incredibly angry when reading sensationalised tabloid headlines, believes everything they have ever been told by anyone. Trys to end debates with "well thats your view!!!!!", probably punctuates posts with an insane amount of smilies
arrrgghh! I saw a muslim (well he looked muslim :-) :-( ) park in a disabled bay today, with his bleedin boyfriend!!!!!!! :-()()()()( :-xxxx I DONT KNOW WHY WE DONT JUST GO AND LIVE IN RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!!!!!!!! the forum idiot
by baggadagger44444 March 25, 2010
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