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these are a very specialised group of people who are absent of any ability to make a choice in any walk of life.
they very often avoid making decisions and would much rather sit on ones fence, there it is said to be safe and free from confrontation.

if approached by large groups asking lots of questions at a fast tempo the fence sitters are often known to curl up into a ball or play dead.
chris: "hey john did u see that smogon stood over there on its own, the fuckin freak?"

john: "im saying nothing mate, i dont wanna get involved"

chris: "why have you curled up on the floor in a ball? oh yeah! your one of the fence sitters"

john: "stop asking me so many questions, i might accidently answer one"

chris: "whatever! you fuckin fence sitter!"
by ewok840 November 22, 2011
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