1. Someone in the hood that is big and powerful. Not a bully, but nobody get's them mad.

2. Someone who always has products in their trunk. Have product will travel.

3. Never forgets a customer.
" I am the dopeman, they are the trap boys, I am the Elephant!"

"there go the elephant, he always got somethin in his trunk, CD's, Dvd's, clothes, dime bags, etc"
by Trinide April 18, 2007
Top Definition
While "mooning", instead of showing just plain 'ol bare ass, you position your cock and balls in between your legs out the backside to represent the face and trunk of an elephant.
Henry: "Yo, moon that fucking butt slama!"

Charles: "Nah fuck that, he's getting the elephant"
by Ceezay December 20, 2004
a kamasutra sex position that is very painful but very enjoyable at the same time. It's when you put both of your legs to the side closing them and the guy inserts his weener in you the penetration is deep how most woman and men like it = ]
ohhhhhhhh yes i love it when you fuck me like that thank god for the elephant position
by Ceee Son January 15, 2008
While giving someone the Arabian Goggles (placing one's scrotum over an unconscious victim’s eyes), place one's penis over the recipients nose; mimicking the image of an elephant. If an erection occurs, you have inadvertently produced The Pinocchio.
I was giving Ted the Arabian Goggles when I put my weiner over his nose to make him look like an elephant. We now call him The Elephant.
by Casius Clay April 23, 2009
When a guy cums in a girl's nose and she snorts it out like an elephant.
Guy A: Dude, I totally did The Elephant on my girlfriend last night!
Guy B: You are so gross...
by Pilot1234 June 09, 2010
A traditional dance move originating in the Ivory Coast in which one crosses said arms gangnam style, bends over as if to jersey turnpike, and proceeds to bounce that with arms draped from the face.
Yo man I was at that party last night and all dem bitches was doin The Elephant!
by RelaxingCow January 19, 2013
When a man or woman puts a strap on dildo on their face and another man or woman uses the dildo for sexual purposes.
Dude, I totally gave that girl THE ELEPHANT last night. She screamed.
by ThePurpleKid&Cuzzy December 20, 2010
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