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The Dumpster Club is a group of people who have smoked marijuana in "the dumpster." The Dumpster Club "dumpster" is located at the south-east border of the horizons condo complex, by the south-west corner of the flatirons crossing shopping mall parking lot. It is frequently used as an enclosure for smoking marijuana, usually by groups of 3-5 people at a time. If you have Smoked in "the dumpster", then you are oficially a member of The Dumpster Club.

"The Dumpster Club" was founded in mid-feburary 2006, and since then has reached over 20 documented memebers, and over 40 members in all.

The area most commonly used for dumpster club "gatherings" is the inner back. once entered, you will find much graffiti written all over the dumpster, including many marijuana references, tags by graffiti writer "AONE", who is also a frequent "dumpster club" visitor and marijuana user, and many other random writings and images.

graffiti includes writings such as:
"holy shit this weed is sooooo dank!"
"mine is too!"

As of today, April 23rd, 2006 "The Dumpster Club" is still frequently visited and smoked in, mostly by local teens, and few outsiders. Many of the original members still frequently smoke in the dumpster, and many new members have joined them.
"lolz im in the dumpster club"
by a n o n y m o u s ? April 23, 2006
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