It's where you hide corpses.
"I confess, I've hidden the corpses under the door in the floor"
by viks November 21, 2004
A 2004 suspense movie with Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger.
Did you see "The Door in the Floor" yet? I heard it was pretty good.
by critic November 18, 2004
The door Jake comes through in "The Wastelands" byStephen king.
Roland pulled jake through the door in the ground. (floor)
by Wangsta Hippie November 18, 2004
LoL door in the floor slang for celler or basement. Normally used by people who like to ryhme shit off? lol :S
Oi get down the door in the floor you dirty hick bastard
by Bob saget November 20, 2004
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