It's where you hide corpses.
"I confess, I've hidden the corpses under the door in the floor"
by viks November 21, 2004
Top Definition
To unexpectedly unleash deep-seated secrets that more-often-than-not delve into the TMI category and leave all those present slack-jawed.
"I don't know WHAT that was! We were just talking about crunchy peanut butter vs. creamy, and all of a sudden she opened the door in the floor and went off about a dog that died 10 years ago, and how different her life would be if she hadn't poisoned it..."
by tlc November 18, 2004
Literally, a door in the floor, leading to a basement or crawlspace.
"Dad, what did you do with my video games?"

"I tossed them down the door in the floor!"
by The Big Green Thing November 18, 2004
The entrance to that crawl space where you stash your porn/drugs/guns. Usually a secret.
Phil: "Dude, my mom found the door in the floor yesterday..."
Mike: "What did she do with the stash?"
Phil: "She thought it was dad's, so she threw him out on his ass."
by The Godfather November 18, 2004
Emergency exit you wish was there (but never actually is) after something terrible has happened, and it is obvious to all that it was your fault.

The door in the floor is similar to the ACME hole mat.
When shit hit the fan, I looked for the door in the floor, but it wasn't there. Shit, man...
by The Tangoman November 21, 2004
it is a euphamism for shame, guilt, maddening consequences; stemming from "A tell tale heart," by Edgar Allen Poe, where in he describes the agony of conscience. The murderer places the victim under the floorboards and drives himself crazy by imagining his heart beating through the wood.
Hey yo, every since I stole that lady's purse I've been having the door in the floor!
by Kat November 20, 2004
when you drink too much realized you have no pants on and then pass out face up on the door
man he really had a door on the floor that night.
by jerold dean November 21, 2004
A loose translation of this well-known urban slang: 'a low-key Eastern Japanese spinach grower who lives by the rice paddy and stores the year's crop in the basement beneath the hatchdoor.'
"I'm a spud farmer."
"I'm a door in the floor"
by Stephen Thomas November 18, 2004
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