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An excuse for homework not being done, that is not as good as "I heard you were pregnant so you wouldn't be in to collect it" or "my father has dysentry and we can't afford toilet paper"
I dropped bacon grease on my 4500 word essay and the dog ate it, except the conclusion, which is a black page.
by Gumba Gumba May 24, 2004
A classic and not very credible excuse usually used in cartoons and sitcoms to excuse a student's lack of completed homework when they get to school.
"Boy, where is your homework?"; "The dog ate it, sir" "THWACK" "OW!"
by Chris May 23, 2004
Old cliche'd excuse for not having homework done. Generally means "I forgot," "I didn't do it," etc.
Teacher: "Where's your homework, Billy?"
Billy: "The dog ate it."
by progamer124 May 23, 2004
Worthless excuse, hiding you were to lazy to do what you were supposed to do.
Teacher: "Where's your homework?" Pupil: "The dog ate it"
by Casman May 23, 2004
Explanation for circumcision which doesn't involve a rabbi.
No pretty Palestinian girl, I am not a jew, merely the victim of a cocker spaniel.
by ninjabadger May 24, 2004
the dog ate it is an excuse that you use on your teacher when you didn't do your homework.
it's not very effective
by Angel May 22, 2004
What happened to my cookies the other day.
Damn you Fido, you ate my cookies... someone grab the gun.
by Die_Tasse May 22, 2004
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