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A disease that spreads stupidity. Idiots are the only known carriers of the disease and it can be genetically inherited. Side effects may include poor grammar, delusions and middle school type behaviors.
I must have caught a serious case of the dinkles from that dinklepuss over there.
by bostoncreampie January 04, 2011
He is the Beginning and the End. Alpha & Omega. The singular avatar of all that is truly awesome in this life. On this plane of existence we see his great, deeds, adventures and journeys as he uses the name Tyrion Lannister of Westeros, some know him quite well as the talented actor Peter Dinklage, but to the rest of the universe, who gaze upon his greatness with love intimidation and awe, he is known as The Dinkles
Guy 1: Can't nobody kill The Dinkles!

Guy 2: The Dinkles is my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter and my peanuts

Guy1: The Dinkles!!!

Guy 2: Dinkles Tho!!!

Both: DINKLES IS MY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Both men sacrifice themselves by jumping out the Moondoor of The Vale as a sacrifice to the might and majesty of The Dinkles
by FreeRod April 04, 2016
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