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the constant quaker is a A short film about two men. One named "Roberto Spalding Havier Boulavardez Fischer" also known as "Bob" who is wealthy, well rounded, highly educated,and has a diverse ethnic backround, but mainly spanish who is very full of himself and gets along with absolutley no one. The other, Gardner Gardner Price (yes his middle name and first name are the same)who has no ethnic backround except the fact that his ancestors were quaker puritans who lived on a farm in pennsylvania. Gardner has little educational experiances, a little less then the average 2nd grader and yet he somehow managed to be somewhat sucsessful. The movie is a constant arguement between these two men who call themseleves best firends. A very funny comedy between two bizarre men having lunch.
Bob " I don't know why i talk to you Gardner, you're so uneducated!"

Gardner " oh yeah!? oh yeah!? your a filthy peice of trash!"

Bob " wow Gard."

(part of a long arguement in the constant quaker)
by Deveins February 10, 2008
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