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when two gay men, while giving eachother handjobs, have a "distance competition" with the cum shots. the loser must then angrily give the winner a rim job. While all of this is happening another gay man is licking up the shot sperm and penetrating the losers asshole using the cum as a lubricant. and for the special, a firm turd is taken and used as a dildo for one of the 3 assholes.
I went on a date with 2 of my boyfriends to chippendales and we decided to go home and do the clint eastwood special.

and how did that go for you?

well we couldnt get a firm turd, they were all liek rabbit pelets. but other than that i won the cumshot contest. and woke up the next morning feeling quite saucy.
by german sniper December 25, 2007
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