A sexual technique where a female has 3 somewhat curled fingers (index, middle, and ring fingers) resembling a claw inserted into her vagina/anus.
Paul, did you give her the claw?
Yeah, I clawed her.
by I AM DEXTER July 25, 2006
The Claw is the mark of a slut. If you suspect a girl of having the curse of the slut, look through her facebook photos. If she is a true slut there will be at least one photo where her hand resembles a Claw. Not unlike that of a bird of prey or a tiger. The Claw may also manifest itself as a part of the slut in question's physical appearance permanently - for example a distinctive feature of the subject's hair.
"Damn she was whoreing it up."

"Yeah, I bet she has The Claw."
by uibghil January 10, 2010
A sexual technique implemented on women whereby the index and middle finger are inserted into the vagina, and the thumb is inserted into the anus simultaniously.
Two in the pink, one in the stink.
by Unregisturd March 15, 2004
A sexual occurrence in which the male's yam bag is pinched and pulled upward by a hefty woman's butt cheeks (in a girl-on-top position) until the yam bag can no longer stretch, causing the ball bag to drop, similar to the motion in a claw-grabbing prize arcade machine.
Poindexter: "Did you see Jeff's date last night? He said he boned that fattie!"
Ralph: "Yeah, I bet 'The Claw' was in full effect in his room!"
Dirt McGirt: "At least she didn't bust a 'Watery Ending' after she finished. That would've made him have to burn the sheets."
by L'Regis April 24, 2007
Description of the rigid, curled, hook-like state of one's hand after a successful bout of masturbation during the trip from the sofa to the bathroom, complete with sticky liquid dripping off, albeit not of the blood-red colour…
"Man, my mum barged into the living room right in the middle of me doing THE CLAW..."
by Patrick Antonis September 21, 2006
1. Sexual technique given to males by their partner to obtain pleasure.
2. The Claw chooses who will go and who will stay. oooooh The Claaaaaaaaw.
3. In order to preform the Claw one's hand must resemble the shape of a 5 pronged pincher. Extend the finger tips down the male sexual shaft, close the prongs and pull back up the shaft.
*Be prepared to preform the Claw for a long time before achieving male orgasm
*Also be sure to lubricate hand with lotion before preforming the Claw
Me and this one chick were going at it for a while, then she whipped it out and gave me the Claw.
by Chadwick January 21, 2004
the same idea as the shoker. the males hand is kind of shaped like a "C" or of course.. a claw. the male inserts his thumb into the girls anus and his remaining fingers into her vagina. This was invented by Kristen and Joel.
the shocker was too gentle, so i gave her the claw
by Kriszillaaaa September 04, 2007

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