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A gravel parking lot for a church just off of Taylor Street in Kennett Square, PA. This lot is an infamous hang out where mostly kids from Kennett High School, and a few 20-something thugs still living in K-Town, "chill" after school and smoke cigarettes bought from the local BP. Many have been known to carry out drug deals, toke before school, or have had sex in this church's parking lot. The lot is this way because the only kids who park there are ones who didn't finish thier senior projects, aren't planning on graduating, or underclassmen who think it's bad ass to be there. When a fight is brewing at school, you know something will go down in the church lot after school. The lot is it's own little society and will continue to be this peculiar microcosm so long as the Kennett Police doesn't break up the loitering.
did you hear what happened in the chruch lot yesterday?

meet me in the church lot

after the church lot i'm hittin' up the BP for some more cigs
by in silence April 27, 2007
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