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An Amazing independent school on the Upper East Side that molds the mind of young women in manhattan and does not produce lesbians like those of the brearly school. It does produce amazingly talented individuals like Vera Wang, though .
The Chapin School is so impressive! I love their library!
by chiaraness October 14, 2007
For Growing Girls
THE private school for girls. A Chapin girl embodies what a person should be: intelligent, gorgeous, and just a little snobby.
When you see two different kinds of girls walking down East End Avenue you will be able to distinguish the Chapin girl from the Brearley girl because the Chapin girl is hot.
by Dr. Hayot February 07, 2005
The Chapin school contains a group of mostly whores and skanks who act prissy but are vacuous and air headed. they're the ones who screw around and will later be (trying to) work for girls from the brearley school; are also not respected by any boy on the upper east side unless he is using her for ass
That girl who goes to The Chapin school is a whore whose skirt is up her ass
by bzoneisbetter October 10, 2005
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