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The castaway is where you take the "turd on a raft" (a turd on several layers of toilet paper floating in the toilet) one step farther by pooping one single,round,"Bridge Mix turd to represent Wilson. Inspired by the Tom Hanks Movie Castaway
I performed the castaway for my wife. She didn't seem to get the analogy.
by wolfbait51 April 25, 2011
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n honor of Tom Hanks in the movie "Cast Away." When too much heat and friction builds up during double penetration and it can no longer be endured, one of the men screams, " I..... have....made FIRE!!!!" Bonus points are earned if Wilson is watching.
Porn Stars frown upon performing The Cast Away. It rubs their dicks raw after just a couple photo shoots!

My buddy and I are pretty close friends, but I never thought we would do The Cast Away together... damn that shit burned!

"I can't figure out why my wife gets turned on every time we watch a Tom Hanks movie. Did someone run a Cast Away on her or something?"

At first we thought we'd picked up a nasty bitch when it started to burn, but then we figured out we were pulling an accidental Cast Away.

"Look Bro, unless you want to experience The Cast Away, you better throw some more lube on our junks right now!"
by DMonkage May 14, 2014

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