The braveheart is when you are going at it with a girl that preferably looks like Mel Gibson, and after the sexual activity, you put on a kilt, and throw your partner into a wall as hard as you can.If you want, you can have her dress up as a knight, in order to soften the blow. Face paint is not necessary, but is recommended by the professionals.
-'hey why does martha have a neck brace?'
-"i heard billy threw that hoe into a wall."
by mr. d June 03, 2004
Top Definition
While having sex in a porto-potty, one (near ejaculation) shoves his partners head into the blue watery substance that often settles in the bottom of a newly cleaned porto-john. As he is near climax he will pull his partners head back up and ejaculate onto his/her face. creating a look similar to that of the face paint in the movie brave heart. Crying "FRREEEEEDOOMMMMM" is optional.
personA: "Why the hell is Sarah's face blue?"
personB: "I took her out to the porto-crapper and gave her the braveheart"
personA: "niceeee"
by IndigoTrikes November 05, 2011
when you are having sex with a girl and right before or while cumming you scream FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!
last night i heard my roommate pull the braveheart on a girl
by krivoruchka August 22, 2010
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