The finger, the New York state bird, the one finger salute.
1. I flipped off an annoying fan at a Bears game in 90.

2. Mike Ditka grabbed his manhood and flipped off the fans for harrassing him and the Saints players. He was later fired for the incident.
by Saints September 28, 2003
Top Definition
the word
A well a everybody's heard about the bird,
b-bird bird bird, the bird is the word
by jesu christ January 18, 2009
The middle finger when used as a salute.
I cut off a cop today, and he gave me the bird.
by The Grammar Nazi November 26, 2001
The Bird is a complicated sexual maneuver. Successful completion requires five (5) people, one of whom is The Bird.

The Bird takes one dick from the back, one dick in the mouth, one dick in their left hand (while the person stands on The Bird’s left), and one dick in their right hand (while the person stands on The Bird’s right).

Bent over with all four (4) penises in position, The Bird jerks their arms back-and-forth while rocking their body back-and-forth. They look like they are trying to fly away, hence, The Bird.
Dude, I just walked in on the sickest shit I have ever seen!

I caught Nathan, Matt, Jon, Mitch, and Dave doing The Bird!
by The Supporter March 08, 2007
The Bird is the Word.
"One in every twelve Americans is unaware that the Bird is the word."
by JMAO November 07, 2008
A Tactical Nuke in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Coined by Gamertag: iCampLikeAChamp after dropping his 50th Nuke.
I just got my twenty-fifth kill, as soon as I die I'm dropping the bird.
by duckhuntchamp April 13, 2010
the bird is equal to or greater than the word (look up surfin bird by the trashmen on any music related website)
havn't you herd that the bird is the word
by wheatley boyh January 23, 2009
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