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the clever dapper young scamp and the sweet and tender hooligan decided that they where into the whole stripping industry. but wanted more money than that. so the where to be feared by all and people would throw money at them like strippers. and then they robbed banks and because people threw money at them and they stripped the banks of all their hard earned cash. and that is how they got their name. THE BANK STRIPPERS. and even though they are both names to be used of the male gender. the dapper young scamp is female. to create the conflict of gender confusion so they can rob more banks while people ponder that thought.
"the dapper young scamp and the sweet and tender hooligan robbed the bank last night. i threw five bucks at them, we shall call them THE BANK STRIPPERS because they stripped that bank nude!"
by Laurence Perkins January 20, 2008

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