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The Always Open Mouth is the third album by the Colorado band Fear Before the March of Flames. It was released on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006.

The album marks a very different sound for Fear Before the March of Flames: whereas their previous two albums concentrated much more on raw, powerful Hardcore music, this album contains a much more experimental side, such as more emphasis on antiphony between the lead singer and guitarist; a considerable lesser amount of screaming; layered guitar chords (a second guitarist was added to the band before the recording of this album); and many electronic sounds used with heavily-distorted or otherwise-effected guitars and synthesizers, or sequencers and drum machines, giving it a more Industrial feel. As a result, it is not as hard or fast as their previous two albums, but instead, is more experimental and well-crafted.
The Always Open Mouth is so different from the rest of Fear Before's albums, yet so amazing.
by Tim Nicodemo October 01, 2006