the MISSED LIST. is a list of girls that you have either looked over, denied, or were entirely unaware of, that could have been potential lovers, friends, or hook ups.

These missed opportunities can occur in the following situations:
- In a relationship.
- Pursuing another girl.
- Relationship mourning.

The list may be compiled entirely post-relationship, or ongoing through the above situations, although rare. Any known contact information is also included on the MISSED LIST.

DISCLAIMER: although the list is used to pursue girls from the past when YOUR time is right, THIS time around could still be wrong.
Sam: "So what happened at the bar last night?"
Jake: "This hot girl came onto me right, she totally wanted in!"
Sam: "Oh dude but you have a girlfriend.."
Jake: "I know, so bad I had to turn her down. I got her number though."
Sam: "Definitely put her on the MISSED LIST."
Jake: "Already done my friend, hopefully pursue if I'm ever single again!"

Sam: "So how's that girl you've been chasing, are you guys getting serious yet or what??"
Jake " Nah man, she totally screwed me over last week!"
Sam: "Dude that sucks.."
Jake: "It's all good, there's this girl on the MISSED LIST. i turned down a few weeks back, might giver her a shot."

Sam: "Now you're finally over your ex who you chasing now??"
Jake: "Well there's this cute girl at work that I've always looked past.."
Sam: "Oh dude the time now could be right.."
Jake: "She's top of the MISSED LIST. i sure hope so!!!"
by theWHITEBOOK. March 01, 2011

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