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of Youtube, known for his hate of canadians, nickleback, ed hardy, and iPads. Also known for his legacy of gender sorting through a medium a sammich making. Perhaps most famous for his wit and sarcasm, charm, and all-around magnetic, bittersweet personality. Has an atypical taste in pretty much everything, except cereal. Gets all the electrionic babes yet has no luck IRL. Has the most unique physical attractiveness you'll never find in anyone else. Last name will remain unknown, yet, no doubt this guy is the most irresistable virgin you will ever stumble upon.
coolkid1: You'll never believe me when I tell you I met thatzak at the 789 gathering.

coolkid2: You're right, because you don't have such luck.

coolkid1: I tried to talk to him and guess what he said to me?

coolkid2: What?

coolkid1: "Coo'."
by nukamichianpaux May 12, 2010
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ThatZak is a YouTube channel, with videos of Zach Peacock, a YouTubeCelebrity. His name was only recently released on a BlogTV live show secretly. Zach is known for his random-style "vlogs" (video blogs). ThatZak has about 32,000 subscribers and almost 1.5 million upload views. (as of July 2, 2011).

Zach has a second channel called "ZaktoTheFuture".

Zach is admired online for his comedy, "looks", interests, and anti-swag.

ThatZak often says "You're welcome" at the end of his videos.

In June of 2011, Zach entered the "King of the Web" competition, where he could win 3,500 dollars to move out of his parents' house. He won the competition against YouTube star pianist: iwillbot. ThatZak won with over 200 thousand votes.
Did you see ThatZak's latest video where he told us to vote for him in the King of the Web competition?
by Indigo Wells July 02, 2011
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