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one of two primary targets of trogdor the burninator... the other target for burnination being the peasants that dwell within them...
"burninating all the people, in their thatched roof COTTAGES!!!!!!"
by squirrely wrath August 05, 2004

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Cottages in the kingdom of peasantry whose roofing material made for easy burnination from the likes of trogdor.
Burninating the countryside
burninating the peasants
burninating all the people in the :thatched roof cottages:!
by MC93 August 05, 2004
A structure w/ a straw roof and stone-like- walls that Trogdor loves to BURNINATE
The peasants watched in horror as Trogdor burninated them and their thatched-roofed cottages.
by Vap January 25, 2005
n. the form of shelter, primarily used by the peasants which are burninated by Trogdor, the burninator.
Trogdor just stomped my thatched-roof cottage!
by danni g. May 06, 2003