That '70s Show is the best show ever. It's about six teenagers in suburban Wisconsin. Jackie and Hyde are going out, as well as Eric and Donna. Kelso got Brooke pregnant and Fez and Laurie got married.
I watch That '70s Show every day.
by Jackie And Hyde Fan 4Ever July 05, 2005
The greatest TV Show that was ever made. It was a cult sitcom that ran from 1998 to 2006. It is about several teenagers, etc. on the verge of adulthood living in the fictional East coast of state city of Point's Place, Wisconsin. Provided a start to many people, especially Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, and Wilmer Valderrama. Usually included Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong. Added to the career of Kurtwood Smith]It was hilarious and does not disappoint. It was known for pushing the boundaries, as it involved teens and adults doing drugs, having sex, breaking laws, etc. Also known for its theme song.
My favorite show is That 70's Show.
by Lancington June 28, 2009
An AWESOME show, basing life for 6 high-schoolers growing up in the 70s. Hilarious and good comic relief. Characters are: Eric Foreman, Mike Kelso, Jackie, Donna, Steven Hyde and Fez. ON Fox and WB16.
That 70s Show cracked me up and made me smile after a hard day. Makes me remember the 70s too.... :-)
by AK_Luver August 29, 2004
"That 70's Show" is a very funny sitcom that lets the world laugh at the loser, stoner, idiot morons that reside in Wisconsin.
Tonight on That 70's Show, the cast smokes reefer in Eric's basement.
by Overdrive October 19, 2006
a hilarious show with unforgettable lines
fez-those cows won't know what hit them-even after it hits them-they wont know-because they're cows

fez-ah-no chips left-i must shoot something
eric-not the littlest hobo!noooo!!!

kelso-give those cows hell boys
by me June 30, 2005
Simply, my favorite show on TV! I would watch it everyday if I could, but I am in the process of buying some of the DVD sets. Im glad to see SOME people watch it, I LOVE IT
I watched That '70s Show, Jackie is fricken hott
by .....hmm May 02, 2005
An awesome show about a group of teens living in the 70's that do drugs and are HILARIOUS!!!!!! There are six people in the group, one's a spoiled brat, one's smart, one's a wimp, one's really stupid, one's a pervert, and the last one thinks the government's out to get him. It's one of the best shows ever!!!!!!!
Hyde-Kelso, man! You really screwed up!!!!!!!!! Now the government's going to get us!!!!!!!!!
Kelso- At last you'll be able to run away, i can't even open Eric's freaking door!!!!!!!
Eric- That's true, man.

That 70's show
by i<3pandas June 17, 2010

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