On second thought, this is the best show ever, and it DOES pull in high ratings, and Friends and Will & Grace are great!
Donna: Kelso!
Jackie: Get outta here!
Leo: This is girls' night out!
by Donkey Kong Song June 24, 2004
one f the best shows ever!!!
with the funniest scenes. the funnier characters are red hyde and eric
(eric was caught jacking off by his girlfriend talks about it with his da') scene from that '70s show

red : there's only one thing left to do... counter attack! go in the offensive!!
eric : what? that's suicide man..
red : no no they'll never expect it, it throws them of.. this one time in korea, whe had that little guy outnumbered twenty to one. but then he ran at us, screaming his head of... and we were so taken of guard, we dove right into our foxholes, ghehe.

eric : ... he got away???
red : huw? .. no no.. we were startled for a moment but then the whole company opened up on him gheheh

by het matras July 09, 2006
Great show which kick started film careers for Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace. That '70s show is also a mis-spelling the correct spelling is That 70's Show.
That '70s show last night was great
Don't you men That 70's Show ?
Oh Yeah
by JoeBellerby July 30, 2006
One of the best shows in history. Eric, main character, is a wuss but a funny smartass, and is cut out of the show, making it terrible. Donna, intelligent feminist, is his girlfriend throughout the series. Kelso, kind of like the village idiot, is probably the funniest part of the show, and is also cut out of the show. Hyde, paranoid badass, lives with the Formans. Jackie, gorgeous rich girl who is with Kelso, Hyde, and then Fez, the foreign perv whose origin is unknown. It can get very melodramatic, though, and the story lines are screwed up sometimes, but amazing anyway. The series should have ended at the 7th season. Up until the 8th season, the show was relatively classy and involved Really funny repeated stuff, like the Circle, or Kelso falling off the water tower.
Another great additional character is Leo.
Steven Hyde : I knew hooking up with Jackie was a big mistake but I did it anyway. That's what she does, man. She makes you stupid. I bet Kelso was composing symphonies before he met her.

Bro, do you watch That '70s Show?
Nah man, not since they took out Eric and Kelso and put in Randy. What a dumbass.
by Dumbass70 August 26, 2011
Unfunny show. The creaters make it seem funny by adding a very loud laughs in it, as in a typical modern sitcom. The only charecter that can be remotley funny is Eric, and they got rid of him so there really is no reason to watch this show at all now. And my god it can get melodramatic, what the fuck is this a soap opera? OMG, Hyde got back with Jackie, OMG Jackie's going out with Fex, OMG Jackie is with Kelso now, looks like Jackie is a whore.
Fez: I'm taking a break from girls for a while
*Laughter* HAR HAR HAR HAR
Randy: I knew it, your gay!
Randy: I guess I owe Ms. Foreman some money!
Red: I'm going to kick all your asses, you dumbasses
Me: This is NOT FUNNY
Fanboy: Oh noez, dis is funny man, fez is soo hott, lolz. That '70s Show best sitcom ever lolz
by Spikesy July 27, 2006
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