Used if someone says something dirty. The day it is most commonly used is Februrary 15.
Dude, the paper we have to write is SO LONG!!!!!!!

"That's what she said!"
by Yudye October 16, 2008
something that is much funnier when the preceding phrase can in no way be construed as innuendo...... in-ur-endo!
Professor: ...and that is the Big Bang Theory.
Student: (nonchalantly) Yes, that's what she said.
by Albert. R January 11, 2008
a word that is used as a sexual innuendo used to joke around and can get extremely annoying when your youth paster keeps you up till 3 a.m. saying "that's what she said jokes" at a 30 hour famine. WARNING!!! These jokes are not funny when said by females. Most females say the phrase obnoxiously and they do not know when a good time to say it is.
girls: My butt hurts!
guy: That's what she said!

(people talking about cabin seen on internet)
guy: It looked bigger on the internet.
Fuego(Chris): That's what she said!

(Girl saying the phrase)
girl A: That's supid.
girl B: That's what she said!
by Tueskage February 16, 2009
The statement to use when somebody says something is difficult or says something that is in any way feminine i.e. making the other person appear girl-like.
person1: The strength test was really challenging.
person2: That's what she said!!
by lifeisthepath June 23, 2009
is a very funny word to say when someone says almost anything !!!

person 1: i did not get the basket ball all thw way to the rim it was not long enough

person 2: it's not long enough "thats what she said"
by jeff x May 04, 2005
In Gogonick's woodshop, it is said by Kung Fu Action Jesus and Superman at JPS. said to make a conversation idiotic, humerous, and sexual. results in "high fives" and saying "OH YEAH!!!" when it is not said by these two individuals, it is not effective.

saying "To You" after the "that's what she said" is used to direct it towards a specific person. usually to insult them.

Recently attempted by The Freshy, who failed miserably at it in June 2008.
"what's wrong with your wood?"
*high five*
by Kung Fu Action Jesus June 15, 2008
1) An expression used when quoting a noteworthy passage by a female writer.

2) An expression akin in meaning to "As the actress said to the bishop", and about as funny too, which is to say not very.
Jake: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

Elwood: That's what she said!
by Sklooby March 19, 2008

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