A phrase used when someone says something that could be taken the wrong way.
NOTE: Severely annoying when overused.
Person 1: Why is this so hard?
Person 2: That's what she said!

P1: Hang on, let me grab my pencil.
P2: That's what she said!

P1: That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.
P2: That's what sh-
by IT'S_OVER_9000 January 27, 2012
Commonly said after a phrase or sentence which one does not intend sexual meaning, but would indeed be amusing if a female had made the statement in a sexual manner.
Tom: "Think I could use your air compressor to blow out my sprinkler system before winter?"

John: "No, it's probably too small. I just have a little tiny one."

(laughing) Jonathan: "That's what she said!"
by tiopepe82 October 01, 2009
used to turn a comment into a sexual innuendo
(in a precalc classroom)

teacher: ok guys, i know that these problems are hard, and they're long and a pain in the butt, but you still have to do them

Student: that's what she said

by Mumbs November 24, 2008
Remark intended to make a normal statement sexual. Some people use this against statements that couldn't be construed sexually, thus making it very annoying.
Guy 1: "You suck"
Guy 2: "That's what she said"
Guy 1: "Dude stop it"
Guy 2: "That's what she said!"
Guy 1: "That one wasn't even funny!"
Guy 2: "That's what she said!!"
Guy 1: "Dude, keep it up and I'll stab you!"
Guy 2: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!... hey wait that one actually work- *Gets punched out by Guy 1* OWWW!! That was rough!"
Guy 1: "That's what she said"
by Dimestoreman March 02, 2010
perhaps the most amusing thing in the world when said by a female.
dude: the problem with these phones is that they dont reach to both the ear and the mouth at the same time
chick: then get a longer phone
dude: i dont like long ones
chick: thats what she said
everyone else in room: wtf???
by c'sa December 06, 2007
a sexual inuendo, if something can be said in the bedroom but is said in an everyday conversation you can say thats what she said
"it wont fit"
"thats what she said!"

"its too hard"
"thats what she said!"

"just shove it in there"

"Stop It!"
"ow that hurt"
"thats what she said"
by just-a-ninjapirate January 03, 2010
A sexual phrase that can be said after just about anything.
Student 1- Did you do your homework?
Student 2- No, it was too hard and long
Student 1- that's what she said!
by Jesushatesyourmom May 24, 2009
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