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A phrase said after something completely normal to make it sound sexual.
(TV Commercial for excercise equiptment) : Do you like it hard?
(Boy # 1) : Thats what she said !
(Boy # 2) : What are you talking about?
(Boy # 1) : If you say 'Thats what she said' after someting to make it sound sexual, it's funny.
(Boy # 2) : Oh okay, I get it.
by Smurphhh April 15, 2009
13 10
A followup phrase that can possibly make just about anything someone just said funny or horribly unfunny.

Despite what anyone says, this shit is still funny.
Are you through yet? I am getting tired of holding this.

Yeah, that's what she said.

Wayne's World 1991. Possibly the first time this was uttered on the silver screen, or at all for that matter.
by Herbin Diction Harry June 13, 2012
3 1
Used as a double entendre implying a phrase was said by a female in a sexual manner.
I was in gym class and we were doing rock climbing. I'd just put my harness on and was adjusting it, but having some trouble. Then I put the rope on, tightened the harness, and it hurt. Without even thinking about it, I said to the boy standing next to me, "This hurts between my legs." That's what she said (TWSS)
by Teflon Jawn December 28, 2011
4 2
a joke referring to the fact that something is a sexual innuendo, based on the premise that a woman said the same thing to you the previous night in bed
by once_upon_a_time_in_life November 17, 2010
9 7
An over used joke that was funny the first three times it was used, for evermore that mark of a person (typically male) desperate for pussy and so horny they can't think strait to come of with a legitimate witty retort/joke.

See "thats gay"
Robert: Man last night was fun
Mike: Thats what she said!
Robert:...no, just, no.
by Roushfan5 May 08, 2010
16 14
something you say when someone says something that a woman would say during sex.
it wont work if they are actually talking about sex.
"Just stick it in there, that's what she said"
by kirbythefootballplaya January 06, 2013
1 0
A funny joke to put sex in to some sentences.
Xavier: Ok lets play black ops!
Tom: I cant wait!
Xavier: Put it in already, your taking too long!
Tom: Thats what she said.
by GetAlIFExxxxxx June 15, 2011
3 2