A joke that was funny the first few hundred times.
You: (say anything)
Friend: That's what she said!
You: Dude, stop. You've said that every day for a year.
by Wilyhawk June 18, 2011
A phrase said after something completely normal to make it sound sexual.
(TV Commercial for excercise equiptment) : Do you like it hard?
(Boy # 1) : Thats what she said !
(Boy # 2) : What are you talking about?
(Boy # 1) : If you say 'Thats what she said' after someting to make it sound sexual, it's funny.
(Boy # 2) : Oh okay, I get it.
by Smurphhh April 15, 2009
Phrase used to make anything sound sexual.
Beavis: The wood fits perfectly in this hole.
Butthead: That's what she said!

Sandy: Do you want some of my milk?
Patrick: That's what she said
(I used this because milk is the same color as semen)
by Steve820 February 15, 2015
Used as a double entendre implying a phrase was said by a female in a sexual manner.
I was in gym class and we were doing rock climbing. I'd just put my harness on and was adjusting it, but having some trouble. Then I put the rope on, tightened the harness, and it hurt. Without even thinking about it, I said to the boy standing next to me, "This hurts between my legs." That's what she said (TWSS)
by Teflon Jawn December 28, 2011
a joke referring to the fact that something is a sexual innuendo, based on the premise that a woman said the same thing to you the previous night in bed
by once_upon_a_time_in_life November 17, 2010
An over used joke that was funny the first three times it was used, for evermore that mark of a person (typically male) desperate for pussy and so horny they can't think strait to come of with a legitimate witty retort/joke.

See "thats gay"
Robert: Man last night was fun
Mike: Thats what she said!
Robert:...no, just, no.
by Roushfan5 May 08, 2010
The phrase a guy should never say to his girlfriend
Girlfriend: (about password) you gotta make sure v it's long enough
Boyfriend: that's what she said!

Girlfriend: *slaps*
by :) cat lady April 16, 2015

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