a joke used after someone says something that can be taken as a sexual innuendo
guy 1: dude check this out (spits a loogi)
guy 2: that was weak!
guy 1: it felt bigger in my mouth
by John PenisMcJizzface February 22, 2009
A funny way to liven up a conversation. Used as a way to make fun of something that can be also transcribed as sexual innuendo.

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrel, is famous for saying this in the show "The Office".

"Wayne's World" was the first film to popularize the term.
When giving golfing advice:

"On the down stroke, squeeze really hard."
Reply "That's what she said!"

When someone dose not understand something:

"Come again?"
Reply "That's what she said!"

During a test:

"Wow, this is hard!"
Reply "That's what she said!"
by baddog19 January 23, 2010
what so many people say now
I was eating Bosco Sticks which happen to be a really greasy food for those of you who don't know and this is the conservation...
me: (holding Bosco Stick(yeah stick that's what she said) and watching the grease drip out
friend 1: it's leaking
friends 2: squeeze it
friends 3: THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!
by megoeggo March 31, 2009
You’ve probably been in many situations where you could have used a TWSS.

The key to a good TWSS joke is the unknowing setup.

All it takes is one person meaning to say something completely innocent while the immature minded listener picks up on an underlying sexual connotation!
About: being able to draw when i was a kid

I used to be really good with my hands, but now I just suck. - Thats what she said

(Think dirty! this could mean drawing or talking about hand jobs and blow jobs!)

See lots more at http://www.shesaidit.ca
by SheSaidIt.ca March 26, 2009
A sexual joke made when something says something not meant to be sexual
Fuck you got me so wet!

Thats what she said


Damn that shit is hard

Thats what she said
by Alex Stojnich November 25, 2010
say this after everything that could possible be dirty
talking about nintendo:

person 1: where are you?! i'm losing without you!
person 2: shut up! i'm doing the boss without protection.
by wow,shesaidthat?! January 04, 2010
That's what she said is used when someone says something dirty without intending it to sound like that. You have to have a dirty mind to get them.
Kate: Ah, I'm all wet now and it's all your fault!!!
Hayley: Ew! That's what she said!
Kate: Gross! I meant your hose soaked me!
Hayley: That's what she said again! Haha, you're making things worse for yourself now!

Kate: FML.

by IdSayYoudLoveToTapThisHoneyyyy February 24, 2011
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