1. a phrase said after ANY innocent sounding sentence that makes it seem more sexual then it actually is. Makes it seem like (insert-phrase here) was said prior, during or after sexual relations with a male or female.
2. a game you play where all players watch a Television show and try to find funny moments to say "that's what she said" after a phrase in the show. Innocent shows such as iCarly or Spongebob etc. are great shows to play on.
Situation 1.
John get a piece of garlic from the kitchen right out of the oven.
John takes a bite and says "Aw! This is so hot that I have to nibble on it!"
Adrian shouts, "That's what she said!"

Situation 2.
Gaby, Adrian, Gabriel, and Rigo watch iCarly.
In show dialogue, "This sauce is thick and rich! (talking about ribs)"
Adrian says, "That's what she said!"
(Show progresses.)
In show dialogue, "You have a pretty eye! (talking about a girl's eyes)"
Gabriel says, "That's what she said!"

Situation 3.
Innocent Girl comes out of pool.
Innocent girl, "Wow! That made me all wet!"
Perverted male, "That's what she said!"
Innocent girl, "Eeeeewww!"

Situation 4.
Teacher talks to students in class.
Teacher," What did you think of the test?"
The class is quiet but an innocent girl gets enough courage to say "It was long and hard"
Cool kid in the back says," That's what she said"
All kids start to laugh while the prehistoric-aged teacher stands in a state of confusion.
by PointedShrimp March 10, 2009
Twisting an innocent statement or question into some sort of sexual innuendo by adding the phrase " That's What She Said."
Teacher: Johnny, I think I'll call on you again because you were so good the first time!
Student: Thats what she said.

AimSn1: Dude I can't really talk right now.
AimSn2: Why??
AimSn1: Because I have like Ten People going right now...
AimSn2: That's what she said.

Teacher: ... I can't believe that happened, but since we're on the subject, is there anything else big?
Student: That's what she said.

by AJ110 October 31, 2006
A response that is often said to make things sound sexual.
Gym teacher: The goal here is to score on both ends.
Students: That's what she said!

Person #1: Could you please pass the cream?
Person #2: That's what she said!

Person #1: Why is it taking so long?
Person #2: That's what she said!
by fdjiosfjdios September 27, 2008
a funny group of words that you put on to another sentence to make it sound funny. this "suffix" as you may call it leaves many people dieing of laughter. it is refferring to a girl that you supposedly had sex with and it is implying that she said a certain thing while having sexual intercorse.
boy:(jumping on air bed
his friend:be careful or you'll pop it!

innocent girl(who has iphone)(playing with 8125) i dont like yours its to big!
boy: thats what she said
by Scott Saier February 09, 2008
A comment that turns a non sexual comment into a sexual phrase.

*In context with homework*
"Tomorro i'll make it hard!" -Teacher
"No sir, don't make it hard!" -Class
"No I will, hard is good!" -Teacher
"No sir, not hard! Big is good!" -Class

"That's what she said!"-Cool guy at the back

-"I don't want to get my juices all over your bench."
-"That's what she said!"

-"Lets see if we can get it to squirt into an arch into your mouth!"
-"That's what she said!!"

-"Im pregnant..."
-"That's what she said... Oh... Crap..."

More at http://www.thatswhatshesaid.co.nz/
by DJ Scuffy March 01, 2009
One of the best jokes on earth.
"Johnny, let me hold your wood for a second."
"That's what she said!"

"You drilled this in pretty deep, Johnny."
"That's what she said! Hahaha!"

"Stop!! Seriously. How old are you?"
"That's what she said."
by Iaretehpwnz1997 June 19, 2009
a phrase making an unsexual statement, sexual.
teacher: the pharaohs name was Sekhemkau Shepseskare Isi
student1= wow, thats a mouthful!
student2= thats what she said!!
by joker_22 July 24, 2008
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