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Just like that's what she said, exept what a guy would say.
Bob: I could really use a hand.
Tod: That's what he said.

Julie: Betcha can't stick that whole lolly-pop in your mouth.
Emily: That's what he said.
by whatserface June 14, 2007
A statement used to draw attention to a phrase that could be interpreted as sexual innuendo. This interjection is used when someone, usually a female, unintentionally makes a sexual comment. The "he" is typically assumed to be the girl's boyfriend.

The inverse use that's what she said was made popular by the hit TV show The Office.
Scenario: Two girls are getting out of the pool and going to grab towels to dry off...

Girl 1 (while picking up towel): Wow, that's ones really wet!
Girl 2: That's what he said.
by tcufrog08 May 31, 2008
Similar to thats what she said, except it refers to what a male would have said during the act of having sex.
Person 1: It was short but its good cuz it was free.

Person 2: Thats what HE said
by Crazyman4 July 22, 2009
A joke poiting out sexual reference in a seemingly normal sentence, another version of That's what she said.
Stranger #1: Go faster!
Stranger #2: That's what she said! And I'm going as fast as I can!
Stranger #1: THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!
by RivTRoub November 30, 2012
said immediately after someone says "That's what she said".
Person 1: Wow! That is very long!
Person 2: That's what she said!
Person 1: Well, that's what he said.
Person 2: ... You son of a-
by jkiszg November 09, 2010
The same as that's what she said, except when girls say it
girl 1: wow, there smaller than i expected!
girl 2: that's what he said!
by :D:D:DOMG July 18, 2008
That's what she said, only the opposite. Very often used when referring to gays.
Person 1: "That's what he said!"
Person 2: "Right, because of gay!"
by UchihaDrew618 September 14, 2009