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phrase said when something sucks, or is crappy.
alba: where's your key?
elizabeth: i lost it.
alba: that costs 70 dollars to replace!
elizabeth: that's balls!
by elizabethandalba December 21, 2008
17 4
another way to say that sucks.
jane: "my parents killed my cat"
john: "that's balls"
by as;dlgkhdfaskjvb September 19, 2006
28 8
when something sucks really bad, or is crappy.
alba: oh my gosh guess what.
elizabaeth: what?
alba: i have herpes.
elizabeth: thats balls!
alba: i know right
by elizabethandalba December 21, 2008
14 4
In use by women, as something that is positive or cool. Similar to the term used by guys, "thats tits." Brought to life by my wife, Aracely aka Chacha.
Me: Look at this high res pic of this bud.
Wife: Thats balls!!!!
Me: :o
by gorilla956 July 10, 2010
1 3