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another way to say that sucks.
jane: "my parents killed my cat"
john: "that's balls"
by as;dlgkhdfaskjvb September 19, 2006
phrase said when something sucks, or is crappy.
alba: where's your key?
elizabeth: i lost it.
alba: that costs 70 dollars to replace!
elizabeth: that's balls!
by elizabethandalba December 21, 2008
when something sucks really bad, or is crappy.
alba: oh my gosh guess what.
elizabaeth: what?
alba: i have herpes.
elizabeth: thats balls!
alba: i know right
by elizabethandalba December 21, 2008
In use by women, as something that is positive or cool. Similar to the term used by guys, "thats tits." Brought to life by my wife, Aracely aka Chacha.
Me: Look at this high res pic of this bud.
Wife: Thats balls!!!!
Me: :o
by gorilla956 July 10, 2010
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